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15 Apr 2021   
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Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society
The rules are proposals and could take several years to become law. 
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-South Africa's Quro Medical comes out of stealth with $1.1M to expand its hospital-at-home service
-Vanadium ion battery startup Standard Energy raises $8.9M Series C from SoftBank Ventures Asia
-Canon confirms a high-speed EOS R3 mirrorless camera is on the way
-DARPA picks Lockheed Martin and Blue Origin to build nuclear spacecraft
-Boasting menus from chefs at French Laundry, vegetarian mealkit startup Simple Feast hits the U.S.
-The TechCrunch Survey of Tech Startup Hubs in England and Wales

Mary Agyapong: Pregnant nurse’s family yet to get GoFundMe money
More than £186,000 was raised on a GoFundMe page set up after Mary Agyapong died with Covid-19. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 11:25pm 

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-Vietnam-based healthcare booking app Docosan gets $1M seed funding led by AppWorks
-AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon end their joint effort for RCS texting
-China’s Xpeng in the race to automate EVs with lidar
-Sony’s new Xperia 1 III smartphone is a love letter to photography nerds

County lines gang 'recruited teen in 80 minutes via Snapchat'
A boy tells how he replied to an advert on Snapchat and was groomed to sell drugs at the age of 14. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 6:55pm 

-FBI launches operation to remove backdoors from hacked Microsoft Exchange servers
-Ludwig Ahgren breaks the Twitch subscriber record with a 31-day live stream
-Rode’s Connect app simplifies recording multi-host podcasts on one PC
-New Quest 2 software brings wireless PC streaming, updated 'office' mode
-Oculus Quest 2 owners can start testing wireless PC VR gaming with Air Link

Thought crimes to become a thing in NZ
Don't even think about it... or you could be in jail for up to seven years, if a new bill passes into law. 
© 2021 Aardvark 3:15pm 

2degrees selects Ericsson as partner for 5G network launch in 2021
The national 5G network build starts immediately, and the first sites will be built in Auckland and Wellington during 2021. The network will expand to the other main centres, with plans for 700 sites. 
© 2021 GeekZone 1:05pm 

-Facebook tests video speed dating events with 'Sparked'
-CMU teaches its snake robot to swim
-Risk startup LogicGate confirms data breach
-Republican antitrust bill would block all Big Tech acquisitions
-'Mass Effect Legendary Edition' comparison trailer shows off the upgrades
-Coinbase sets direct listing reference price at $250/share, valuing the company at as much as $65B
-Daily Crunch: Spotify unveils an in-car entertainment system

Amid COVID pandemic, more than one-third of New Zealanders Fell Victim to Cybercrime
Newly released report by NortonLifeLock says 15 percent of New Zealanders fell victim to a scam in the past year, with 130,000 New Zealanders having experienced ID theft in 2020. 
© 2021 GeekZone Wed 8:05am 

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Virgin Media and O2 'blockbuster' merger provisionally approved
The deal will make the telecoms firm a "powerful" rival to BT, according to analysts. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 0:55am 

-'Final Fantasy XIV' PS5 open beta upgrades both graphics and sound
-Slice raises $40M to power ordering and marketing for independent pizzerias
-The Morning After: Both Apple and Samsung have launch events planned for April
-Urbanista says its solar-powered headphones can basically play endlessly

Omegle: 'I'm being used as sex-baiting bot' on video chat site
A user of video chat site Omegle says he was paired with a video bot of himself performing sexual acts. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 11:15pm 

Taranaki council hosts its most isolated LTP meeting - with just three attendees
Not many council meetings end with elected members having a beer at the pub, but not many council meetings are held in New Zealand’s only (self-proclaimed) republic either. 
© 2021 8:35pm 

-The FBI got a court order to delete backdoors from hacked Exchange servers

Ludwig Ahgren breaks Twitch subscription record after 31-day stint
Ludwig Ahgren has more than 282,000 paying subscribers after a month-long Twitch ‘subathon‘. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 7:05pm 

Star Trek inspired device sees drones fly off factory line
A converted commercial laser cutter is able to 3D-print and assemble functional devices on its own. 
© 2021 BBCWorld 6:55pm 

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Nvidia expects crippling GPU shortages to continue throughout 2021
If you’re waiting for the crippling graphics card shortage to loosen up before buying new hardware, well, you might be waiting for a while. 
© 2021 PC World 1:55pm 

2degrees names 5G upgrade partner
2degrees has named its primary technology partner for its 5G mobile network upgrade: Ericsson.The Swedish company will provide both the radio access network or "edge" (celltower components) and core (brains) of 2degrees' 5G network... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 12:05am 

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-Samsung is hosting yet another Unpacked event on April 28th
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