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4 Jul 2022   
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Foreign worker shortage at hotels, restaurants: New Immigration Minister says visa processing ramping up
New Immigration Minister Michael Wood has accepted some concerns hospitality sectors raised over foreign worker shortages.But he said companies should also consider how to make low-wage jobs with insecure working conditions more... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 2:02pm 

Hawaiian Airlines and Air New Zealand start flights to Honolulu after more than two-year gap
Kiwi sunseekers are lining up to get back to a favourite holiday destination - Hawaii - as airlines resume services from tomorrow.After a gap of more than two years, Hawaiian Airlines and Air New Zealand are back on the Auckland-Honolulu... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 5:57am 

Biofuel revolution: Could common bacteria found in soil fuel jet planes
New research has found a way to make explosive compounds using bacteria commonly found soil - which could pave the way for cleaner alternatives to jet fuel. And with fuel prices at record highs, some scientists think now is the... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Fri 9:18pm 

RUA - Cann Group granted TGA GMP for Mildura facility
Yesterday, Rua Bioscience’s (NZX: RUA) partner, Cann Group (ASX: CAN), was granted a GMP licence to manufacture therapeutic goods which includes GMP testing at its Mildura facility 
© 2022 Fri 2:24pm 

AFI - Invitation to Results Webcast
AFIC is scheduled to announce its annual financial results on Monday 25 July 2022. The Company will be providing an update on these results via webcast on Tuesday 26 July 2022 at 3.30 p.m. (AEST) 
© 2022 Fri 1:18pm 

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FSF - Monthly Allotment/ Redemption Notice
Issued in reliance on the Fund's waiver from NZX Main Board Listing Rule 3.13.1 dated 24 June 2019. A copy of this waiver can be found at https:// 
© 2022 Fri 11:13am 

General Capital Releases 2022 Annual Report
The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Rewi Bugo said, “We are very pleased to present our Annual Report to our shareholders and to NZX today. It has been a very positive year for General Capital with very strong growth in all aspects 
© 2022 Thu 4:18pm 

Vector customers to receive Loss Rental Rebate credit
Vector will pass on an expected credit of $30 to Auckland electricity account holders, as payment of this year's annual Loss Rental Rebate surpluses.The credit will be each Vector electricity account holder's share of the credit... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu 3:18pm 

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'Don't hire friends' - Expert's advice after TVNZ host departs
By RNZ An employment expert says the errors made in TVNZ's hiring of Kamahl Santamaria shows the danger of employing friends or former colleagues.Documents released to the media show that in May, the then-Broadcasting Minister... 
© 2022 NZ Herald 9:58am 

Tesla market share to plunge as Elon Musk's net worth plummets
Elon Musk's failure to expand rapidly enough will see Tesla's share of the electric vehicle market plunge dramatically in the next few years, Bank of America says.As the world's richest man's net worth plummets, Bank of America... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Sat 2:42pm 

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BIF - Acquires shares in Hot Lime Labs
Booster is pleased to announce the addition of Hot Lime Labs to the Booster Innovation Fund (BIF) portfolio. Hot Lime Labs operates in the materials and technology sector providing its carbon capture technologies for the horticulture sector. 
© 2022 Fri 2:33pm 

PFI Share Buyback Programme to Pause
Property for Industry Limited (PFI or the Company) announced on 25 May 2022 that it would undertake an on-market share buyback programme (the Buyback Programme) 
© 2022 Fri 12:53am 

Greenfern Industries Limited ("GFI") - Late Annual Report
NZ RegCo advises that Greenfern Industries Limited ("GFI") has not released its annual report for the period ending 31 March 2022 which, under NZX Listing Rule 3.6.1 was due to be released through MAP on or before 30 June 2022 
© 2022 Fri 11:38am 

Comment: Airbnb's party ban mixed messages are inviting trouble
COMMENT: Yesterday, Airbnb said it was banning parties for good. In the same instant it lifted the 16-person cap on property rentals, throwing open the doors on some very mixed messaging.In a release the online rentals company... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu 5:57pm 

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Kiwi laundry company Re.Stor fights back after Consumer NZ labels them dud suds
The Kiwi owners of a laundry detergent brand labelled "worse than water" in recent Consumer NZ tests are disputing the results and could take legal action. Grant Taylor and Renee Lee's Re.Stor laundry sheets performed "terribly"... 
© 2022 NZ Herald Thu 4:02pm 

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