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17 Sep 2021   
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Electricity review: Govt to phase out 'low use' power plans
Almost two years after a review of electricity bills recommended the move, the Government phasing out "low use" electricity plans which led to low-income families subsidising the bills of more efficient households.On Friday Energy... 
© 2021 NZ Herald 10:23am 

Low-user electricity tariffs will be phased out over 5 years
Change likely to mean 59% of households pay about $600 a year more in fixed charges, but Government believes it will balance out. 
© 2021 9:13am 

Banks hike interest rates despite lockdown in Auckland
Three banks increase home loan rates, with a warning the Reserve Bank will be itching to act, too. 
© 2021 5:53am 

Wastewater management: Good ideas flowing at Isabel Estate
The company had created a new area for waste water irrigation, to ensuring better capture of storm water. 
© 2021 5:03am 

Top Auckland lawyer guilty of misconduct over 'cashie' offer
A high-profile defence lawyer has been found guilty of misconduct after he offered to put a home renovation job through as a “cashie” so his client could avoid paying GST. 
© 2021 10:23pm 

Why you should constantly review your insurance coverage
OPINION: Insurance is the most boring of payments, but as we age, our needs change, and so should our insurance. 
© 2021 10:23pm 

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Possibility of raising gathering limit to 100 a 'ray of sunshine' for hospo and event sectors, but big venues will still find it tough
The prospect of indoor gatherings up to 100 people is a cause of celebration by hospo and events venues outside Auckland. 
© 2021 Thu 5:23pm 

New GDP figure confirms economy (was) booming
Gross domestic product (GDP) rose 2.8 per cent in the June 2021 quarter, following a 1.4 per cent increase in the March 2021 quarter, Stats NZ said today.That is well ahead of market estimates for around 1.1 per cent and confirms... 
© 2021 NZ Herald Thu 11:43am 

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Ikea's investment arm snaps up Wisp Hill Station for forestry project
Wisp Hill Station will be planted in 3000 hectares of radiata pine, and about 2000ha will be left to regenerate into native bush. 
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Air NZ reveals the millions it loses due to lockdown and suspended Tasman travel
National level 3 or 4 restrictions cost the airline up to $55m a month. 
© 2021 10:03am 

NZ Automotive Investments Limited (NZX: NZA) Proposed Sell Down by NZA Founder to Improve Liquidity
NZ Automotive Investments Limited has been advised that an existing substantial shareholder is completing a sell-down through a bookbuild process through selected retail brokers 
© 2021 9:23am 

Present day thinking on transport is a road to nowhere
OPINION: When it comes to re-imagining how we get around our cities more efficiently and with less environmental impact, our thinking risks being stuck in the present. 
© 2021 5:53am 

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Taranaki-based film explores impact of oil and gas industry
A documentary examining the impact of Taranaki’s onshore oil and gas industry and if the country is on track to hit its emissions targets will be released this month. 
© 2021 10:23pm 

S&P/NZX50 dips as GDP jump raises spectre of interest rate rises
The NZ sharemarket fell 0.1 per cent, with strong pre-lockdown economic growth a reminder of the case for interest rate rises. 
© 2021 7:03pm 

Unregistered 'lender' Qualifund to be shut down after tip-off to authorities
Qualifund claimed to be a lender, but authorities are moving to close the company. 
© 2021 6:13pm 

Union: Supermarkets should keep paying level 4 bonus
Some workers have been forced to take on 'security' duties, union says. 
© 2021 Thu 1:13pm 

Huge 2.8% GDP jump suggests solid recovery from lockdown, Finance Minister says
Economists had forecast strong growth, but June quarter figure blew expectations out of the water. 
© 2021 Thu 12:23am 

GDP grew staggering 2.8% in quarter before Delta outbreak
Economists had forecast strong growth, but GDP change will plunge deep into negative territory this quarter due to lockdown. 
© 2021 Thu 11:35am 

Want to buy a supermarket in Niue?
The land, buildings, and market-leading supermarket business trading as one of the biggest private-sector employees on the tiny Pacific nation of Niue have been placed on the market for sale. 
© 2021 Thu 10:43am 

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