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21 Mar 2019   
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US mum 'abused kids who performed on family YouTube channel'
The woman, whose children performed on the Fantastic Adventures channel, denies charges of child abuse. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 2:15am 

Jacinda Ardern calls for global fight against racism after Christchurch mosque shootings
Suspected shooter "grew up and learnt ideology somewhere else" so we can't talk about boundaries, Jacinda Ardern said. 
© 2019 1:25am 

-How to volunteer abroad: five points to consider

Newsnight: Emily Maitlis heads all-female presenting team
Emma Barnett also joins the presenting line-up after the departure of Evan Davis to BBC Radio 4. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 0:15am 

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Google tweaks search after EU competition scrutiny
Rival companies' price comparison results will be displayed more prominently thanks to the changes. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 0:05am 

Kiwis face charges related to sharing mosque massacre live stream
Christchurch man Philip Arps is just one of the people in hot water over social media posts related to the mosque shootings. 
© 2019 10:55pm 

Uncertainty in Welsh rugby could see players sacrifice Wales places - Anscombe
Gareth Anscombe says Wales players have been considering moves abroad to other teams amid regional rugby uncertainty. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

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Cyclone Idai devastation in pictures
Millions of people were in the direct path of the cyclone which struck last week. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

Indian icon won't contest upcoming poll
The Dalit leader says she stepped aside for the good of a coalition formed to fight the ruling party. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

Brexit deadlock shows 'democracy all but dead' - Donald Trump Jr
The US president's son, who holds no political position, says Mrs May should have listened to his father. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

San Francisco moves to ban e-cigarettes until health effects known
The law would halt sales until vaping's health effects are fully evaluated by US regulators. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

Brexit: The choice facing British citizens living in Germany
What Brexit, freedom of movement and citizenship mean to three people living in Berlin. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

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Killing Eve star Jodie Comer talks about the new series and why she loves Villanelle.
Jodie Comer discusses why she may never get a role like Villanelle again and why she's surprised Killing Eve has been so popular. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 2:15am 

-A no-paper jam: Printer ink spill blots all interstate lanes
-Dozens of rattlesnakes removed from under Texas home

EU hits Google with third antitrust fine
Europe has slapped Google with another big antitrust fine, the third in a series of billion-dollar penalties the US tech giant has faced for hindering competition. 
© 2019 CNN 0:35am 

Killing Eve's Jodie Comer among RTS winners
The British actress beats co-star Sandra Oh to be named best female actor at this year's awards. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 0:15am 

Man fired and deported in UAE for celebrating Christchurch mosque shootings online
A worker in the United Arab Emirates was fired and deported after allegedly celebrating mass killing of Muslims in Christchurch. 
© 2019 11:45pm 

James Harden: Houston Rockets guard sets NBA scoring record
Houston Rockets guard James Harden becomes the first player in NBA history to score at least 30 points against all 29 opponents in a single season. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

Pasir Gudang: How one quiet lorry sparked a toxic waste crisis
It was broad daylight in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, when up to 40 tonnes of waste slipped into the river. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

NZ shootings: Comic asks searching race relations questions
A widely-shared comic asks tough questions in the wake of Friday's attack in Christchurch. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

Radovan Karadzic: Former Bosnian Serb leader faces final war crimes verdict
A UN tribunal is to rule on the appeal of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, who was found guilty of genocide. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

Hungary Orban: Party faces European expulsion vote in Brussels
The Hungarian leader has riled EU allies who are considering expelling his party from their bloc. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

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Brazil gunmen shoot at convoy carrying nuclear fuel in Angra dos Reis
Gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying uranium to a nuclear power plant near Rio, police say. 
© 2019 BBCWorld 10:45pm 

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